United Sports centre is one of the best indoor multi-sport facilities in Kochi, Kerala. It is comfortable located near Infopark in Kakkanad. USC is a unique sports center in Kochi that connects individuals with an interest in sports like Football, Badminton and Table tennis.

United Sportscentre is professionally run by a group of sports & management professionals with decades of experience. United Sports Center’s indoor sports hub aims to promote the social relations among the casual and serious players by encouraging and providing a means for enjoying such indoor sports.It encourages the badminton players by providing well badminton training and coaching by experts


Table Tennis started as a genteel, after dinner game, but is now a fast game, high tech sport. It also has the most participants of any sport in the world
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United Sports Center focus on our mission to produce world class badminton...

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United Sports Center Since 2015, Futsal is emerging as a big game in India. To give the sport a boost, we allow people to hire futsal ground finished with astro turf.

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News & Events

Football Turf

5-A Side Certified FIFA Quality Concept Football Turf at United Sports Centre

USC 2018

The BATTLEDORE 2018 – Techies Badminton Championship

Smash 2018

CBC 2018

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United Sports Center.
Near Info Park South Gate
No 9/728-AB2 Kusumagiri PO
Kochi -682030.

Telephone: +91 7909184751 / 9846028357
Email: unitedsportscentre@yahoo.com

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